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Synonymous with Rastafari, the origins of the term Reggae are cited differently depending who you reference. Bob Marley said the word came from Latin meaning 'King's music', co-creator of the Jamaican Reggae Archive Project, Steve Barrow accredits Reggae artist Clancy Eccles with converting the patois words loose woman (streggae) into reggae; however, Order of Jamaica recipient Toots Hibbert might join the millions of his fans that say he coined the phrase himself.


In the broader sense of the genre it can be heard in multiple styles as a merger of Mento, Calypso, Jazz, Ska, Rocksteady, Rhythm and Blues and Nyabinghi rhythm. But the 'original' definition is more so the combination of ska and rocksteady. Internationally recognized as a Jamaican tribute, this island genre is known for its slow grooves, identifiably low frequency bass and choppy (skank) chording of electric pianos and guitars.


From Alton Ellis, Peter Tosh and Dennis Brown to Kymani Marley, Collie Buddz and Snow, modern day Reggae continues to encompass new influences and mergers as one of the most identifiable genres of today.  




Please note that not all Reggae tracks herein follow the orthodox methodology of technical theory.

Please check back with us on March 10, 2020 for updated uploads! Thank you for your patience. 

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