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                                                               Sex, drugs and ________ & ________. Is there anyone alive that cannot associate the phrase?

Though the famous faces of early rock looked something like Elvis Prestley and Jerry Lee Lewis, this subgenre of music can accredit African American vocal groups for its humble beginnings. Bo-Diddley, Chuck Berry, Ike Turner and Slim Harpo had been melding vocals to distorted electric guitars for some decades prior to the commerical success of white artists like Carl Perkins and Buddy Holly.


As with most genres of music- the times they kept a changin'. Chubby Checker gave way to the Beatles who gave way to the Rolling Stones who probably shared a few hits (pun intended) with legends like Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd.


There are literally thousands of influential and game changing rock artists who continue(d) to change the face of rock and roll. From Jazz, to Contemporary, Psychadelic to Folk, Roots to Punk, Soft to Heavy Metal, the sounds are dynamic, but one thing is usually for sure...there's an electric guitar waiting for its solo.

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